Frequently Asked Questions

What is a manual traffic exchange?

A traffic exchange is an effective way for advertisers such as small business and web site owners, affiliate marketers and opportunity seekers to generate traffic to their web sites. The concept is very simple... if you visit my website, I will visit yours.

What makes CalculatingTraffic special and different?

CalculatingTraffic was designed by Darrell Dean who has been a traffic exchange user since 2001.  He knows what works, and what does not.  The custom built surf bar is designed to maximize the results you are seeking.  Synchronizing your web sites with your banners and text ads give you maximum advertising exposure.  This is a new, revolutionary concept you will enjoy!

Can anyone join CalculatingTraffic?

Yes, anyone can join. The only requirement is that you agree to the terms of service.

Can I advertise any web page?

No, not all web sites are acceptable.  The rules are very simple -  no frame breakers, no hate, no warez, no viruses, no adult content, no auto surfs, investment surfs, ptp sites, HYIP or anything illegal.  We are a family-oriented traffic exchange.

Pop Ups are allowed only if they do not require an extra click to close.  Live agent popups or exit popups that require any extra clicks to move to the next page will be suspended.

Can I sign up for more than one membership?

No, only one membership per person per IP address is allowed. Signing up for more than one membership is considered theft. Your accounts will be cancelled, and you will lose all credits and any accrued downlines.

Where is my verification email?

If you did not receive your verification email, please check your bulk email folder.  Unfortunately some Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) do not deliver our emails. If you are using AOL, Comcast, Yahoo or Hotmail free accounts, then our email to you was probably blocked.

Try white listing our domain – - and request your verification email again. Should you still not receive it please contact us immediately.

Why can’t I login?

Have you received and verified your email address?  Please note that all usernames and passwords are case sensitive, so make sure your caps lock is not on. If you do not remember your username or password, request the information be sent to you by clicking on the link on the login page.

If none of the above helps, please contact us for assistance.

Can I make money with CalculatingTraffic?

First, CalculatingTraffic is not a money-making web site.  We do, however, reward you for promoting our site, and you can earn commissions and credits by referring others.  The amount of commissions and credits you can earn depends on your membership type.  Please go here to see a comparison of available memberships and the associated commissions available.

How do I promote CalculatingTraffic?

Solo ads, Splash pages, Banners, small text ads and email ads are available in the member's area on our promotion page. Just click on the "Affiliate Toolbox" link in the member’s area.

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