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...from the creator of the “Surfing Calculators” comes:

Synchronized Surfing! A revolutionary new surfing concept designed to maximize your surfing results!

My name is Darrell Dean, owner, founder and CEO of CalculatingTraffic.com, and I have been using traffic exchanges for over 18 years. During that time testing has proven that surfing results increase when I use banners and text ads when advertising my web sites or splash pages in traffic exchanges. That`s what synchronized surfing is all about...

Synchronization = your banners and text ads are shown
at the same time your web site or splash page is shown!

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How A Traffic Exchange Works

The Story Behind Synchronized Surfing

Why Choose Us?

Use our unique synchronized surfing system to
dramatically increase the advertising results you are looking
for. We are the only traffic exchange in the world using this system.

We treat all members equally. We offer a variety of
ways to help you earn advertising credits so that you can
promote your sites, banners and text ads to hundreds of real people.
We offer paid advertising solutions at fair and honest prices to fit any budget.

We respond quickly to your questions. We work hard
every day to grow CalculatingTraffic.com so that new people
are constantly seeing your advertisements. New to traffic exhanges?
No problem, we will guide and assist you to get up and running in no time!.

Calculating Traffic

is a full-feature manual traffic exchange:

  • Website advertising
  • Banner ads advertising
  • Text ads advertising
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Automatic commission payments
  • Professional tracking link service

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