How it Works

A traffic exchange is a web-based system that brings advertisers (both buyers and sellers) together.  It enables users to set up their web sites (within this system) that will then allow their web sites to be shown to other users of the traffic exchange.  A manual traffic exchange means users must agree to look at another users’ advertising for a certain amount of time (usually between 5 and 10 seconds), before manually “clicking” on the screen in to order to view the next web site.  This is what we call “surfing.”  Surfing simply means looking at other users advertising, one site after the other. A traffic exchange is based on a very simple promise:  I promise to look at your web site, if you promise to look at my web site.  It can be a very effective advertising strategy that you can set up quickly and easily and within minutes you can literally have hundreds of people looking at your web site.  And…at you can do this for free!