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...from the creator of the “Surfing Calculators” comes:

Synchronized Surfing! A revolutionary new surfing concept designed to maximize your surfing results!

My name is Darrell Dean, owner of CalculatingTraffic.com, and I have been using traffic exchanges for over 15 years. During that time testing has proven that surfing results increase when I use banners and text ads when advertising my web sites or splash pages in traffic exchanges. That`s what synchronized surfing is all about...

Synchronization = your banners and text ads are shown
at the same time your web site or splash page is shown!

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How A Traffic Exchange Works

The Story Behind Synchronized Surfing

Calculating Traffic

is a full-feature manual traffic exchange:

  • Website advertising
  • Banner ads advertising
  • Text ads advertising
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Automatic commission payments
  • Professional tracking link service

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